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We are very happy to meet you. Since you are here, you are probably looking for professional
print shop, which will quickly and specifically answer your price enquiry.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our wide offer, or contact us directly.
We are happy to prepare an individual price offer and answer all your questions.


catalogs and brochures, packaging, bags,
labels, brochures, leaflets, posters, stickers



desk pads, folders, notepads, letterheads,
business cards, envelopes, file folders, desktop cubes



glued packaging, lock-equipped,
made of plastic, cardboard or paper



single-piece, three-piece, desktop, planners,
multi-board, poster, schedules



Plotter, stands, wobblers, displays, shelf-liners,
shelf-stoppers, dispensers, racks, presenters



DIGITAL PRINTING, business cards, invitations,
greeting cards, low costs, personalization



People who cannot wait to get started printing for you!

But seriously, most of us are specialists in various fields: printing, trading,
marketing, management, control, administration. We perform your jobs
carefully, realizing every order - even the smallest ones. The biggest determinant for us is
the quality of our products and your complete satisfaction...


We print on transparencies, PVC, Plexiglas and other hard-absorbent substrates to a thickness of 1 mm.

We print not only on paper! As part of our new services, we offer printing on a wide range of flat and rigid materials. Thanks to modern UV technology, we also do prints on plexiglass, films, PVC and metallic carton.

PLEXI: Professional printing on Plexiglas is a great way to decorate interiors. This material allows to achieve an unparalleled depth effect. It may be used in lighting coffers.
FILM: Printing on self-adhesive film is a cheap, fast and easy way to renovate furniture, walls, doors or windows. Thanks to its high stability it may also be used outdoors.
PVC: Unique looks, perfectly reflected colors, high image quality – those are the possibilities granted by printing on PVC. The structure is also resistant to external factors.
METALLIC CARTON: Ideal for printing: premium packaging, business cards, invitations, diplomas, menu cards, greeting cards, etc.

Druk offsetowy


Modern Komori machines allow us to print formats up to B1, with 1 mm thickness.

PLarger publications of many copies, which catalogues, brochures, books or price lists usually are, are printed mostly using the offset printing technique. Our printing house uses offset machines of renowned brands (including next-generation machine Lithrone S40 by the Japanese company Komori). Thanks to the modern pre-printing preparation system (CIP), we obtain the desired colour effect (as well as the ability to maintain reproducibility of colour in any resumption of work) in just a few minutes, while consuming a relatively small amount of paper. Precise colour measurement system, enabling the control of the entire surface of a printing sheet, constitutes an additional guarantee of the quality of our prints.

Materiały reklamowe


Personalization and small-issue prints are made on a digital machine.

Printing small amount of copies in the traditional offset printing takes often much longer than we would like. With digital printing technology, our customers can enjoy the low price, rapid pace of printing and the excellent quality of the final product. With help of a reliable digital printing system, we print in record time even small amount of copies of leaflets, catalogues, posters, business cards, letterheads, diplomas, training materials, invitations, vouchers, greeting cards, calendars, books, CD labels, and much more. Digital printing offers the possibility of using different types of paper and film, also with textured surfaces, personalising printed materials so far identical, filled or numbered by hand out of necessity. With specialised software, we offer personalization of text and graphics, as well as of photographs in calendars and on invitations. We can print personal invitations, entry cards, passes, posters or calendars according to the data supplied to us by the customer.

Ulotki Plakaty Druki Biurowe


Besides printing we offer various treatments, e.g.: UV varnishing, laminating and hotstamping.

Thanks to new technologies of refining the print, we can already print much more than colours! We can enrich your catalogues, brochures and other publications with gilt, distinguish them with elegant pressings, add glitter gloss and finally make your printing smell of roses, lavender, Christmas spices, and even a perfume of your selection...

Opakowania Standy Materiały POS


We can make prints in any, even the most elaborate form. We especially recommend the PUR finish.

All materials, printed with great care and precision go to the bindery, where they are subjected to additional processing, per requirements. Thanks to modern technological lines, we can give our products - both big and quite small ones - practically any form. Whether a business card, or a sizable stand, packaging, three-fold calendars, or elegant book bindings – our bindery can produce any binding chosen by our customers, within the given deadline. Folding, creasing, laminating (lamination), die cutting, binding publications by means of sewing or gluing – those are routine works for our bindery. We also have a line for production of binders, with the option of spiral finish (desktop and wall calendars) or metal eyelets to facilitate the aesthetic placement of documents in binders. We’d also like to direct your special attention to our patented Alfa stand which, despite its height of 154 centimeters, is an extremely flexible and easy to transport advertising medium (foldable and stored in a special folder).

Foldery Katalogi Książki


We give shape to thoughts and dreams, dress them in such a form that meets your and our expectations.

We start with an idea... unless the customer provides us with a ready-to-make project, prepared for further realization. In any other case, we use our imagination and listen carefully to any suggestions the customer may make - because it’s the customer who knows WHAT they want to show...

Projektowanie studio graficzne